Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The 21 Day Fix: What is it & How does it work? - Everything you need to know!

"Whats the deal with Beachbody's newest program, 'The 21 Day Fix ?' Why is it all the rave? How does it work? What is it? How do I create a meal plan on the program? What are the color containers about?" These are all questions I get asked on a daily basis - and they're great questions! Here is a quick video of what the 21 Day Fix program is all about:

Amazing stuff, huh?! It truly is a fantastic program and it really does work. How do I know? I'm on the program too! In my first week alone, I lost 3.8 pounds and 6 inches. Yep. You read that right! And my clients? They've lost weight and inches too! With this program, losing weight truly has never been simpler. No more counting calories, carbs, or points. This program is centered around simple portion control and 30- minute workouts that anyone can do.

So, what is the 21 Day Fix?

It is a unique portion-control system that utilizes pre-portioned color-coded containers that you simply put your choice of food (from the food lists that match your colored containers) in the matching containers - if it fits, you can eat it! Combine this nutrition plan with one 30-minute workout per day and you can lose up to 15 pounds in 21 Days, all while learning proper portion control, healthy meal planning, workouts, and other life-long healthy lifestyle skills that will carry you beyond the 21 Days. You can even have wine and chocolate on this plan! (Can't beat that!) The program can be continued after the 21 Days, so don't let the name "21 Day Fix" fool you! You will learn the skills you need and see results in the first 21 days if you follow the plan  - allowing you to learn those healthy habits and keep them going. 

Who should use the 21 Day Fix? Men and women who:
  • Want to lose weight
  • Don't want to make long time committments
  • Have tried and failed at complicated diet plans
  • Don't want an extreme fitness program
  • Have started their weight-loss journey with Shakeology
  • Are new to fitness, dieting, and weight loss
  • Don't like "off limits" diet plans or deprivation

Why should YOU use the 21 Day Fix?
  • To finally lose the weight and keep it off
  • To lose weight quickly before an event or vacation
  • To learn what healthy portions really looks like
  • To find out how easy portion control and weight loss can be
  • To learn how to properly space your meals/snacks throughout the day
  • To learn how to effectively and properly meal plan
  • To make sure you get the proper nutrition when working out and trying to lose weight
  • To take the guess-work out of figuring out your caloric needs to lose weight  

What comes with the 21 Day Fix?
  • 7 color-coded portion-control containers
  • Shakeology shaker cup (newer, larger size!)
  • 6 easy-to-follow 30 minute workouts that give you (on average) a 400 calorie, calorie burn per workout
  • 21 Day Fix Start Here quickstart guide and workout calendar
  • 21 Day Fix Eating Plan that shows you exactly what to do
  • 3 Day Quick Fix Guide, Autumn's secret weapon for fast weight loss
  • Dirty 30 Bonus Workout (my fave!)
  • A FREE bonus workout - Plyo Fix- if you purchase through me and sign up to have ME be your personal beachbody coach.
  • One month's supply of Shakeology if you purchase the program as a "Challenge Pack"
Where can I purchase the 21 Day Fix?
So, now you have your program and you're wondering how it works. Maybe you read through the eating plan, but are still needing some extra guidance on everything....maybe you need something to better track your containers, meal plan, etc. Many people have asked me all the deets on how to really use the program, so, I have created several documents to really break it all down for you and include everything you need to plan, get, and stay on track.

So, what exactly have I created? (Click on the items linked below to download)

Let's chat about what is in my 21 Day Fix Program Tutorial: What I've done is:
  • Walked you all through the 5 steps listed in the Eating Plan. I have broken down each step - giving you explanations on what, why, and how for each step. 
  • Figured out how much each color container measures out to in cups* and ounces* so you can have a daily and weekly total for everything you need to eat. That way it makes it easier to plan out recipes, grocery shop, and meal prep in bulk. (*=approximate measurements). These measurements are included in an all inclusive chart broken down by color and calorie level.
  • Created an all inclusive chart for ya'll to refer to for all those miscellaneous items youre allowed to have during various frequencies during the week. Those "1-2 times a day, 3 times a week, unlimited, etc" things that the program discusses were spread out across many pages making it hard to remember just what you can/can't have, how much and when, so I tried to make that easier for ya'll. 
  • Created a color coded chart showing you just what each color container represents in the food groups and its corresponding measurements.
  • Discussed how to meal plan and gave you a sample of one day of my meal plan on the 21 Day Fix. 
  • Given you a reference list of the top 10 tips/thing to remember when using the 21 Day Fix.
So, what about my Meal Plan and Container Tracker? What I have done is:

I have figured out a way to track EVERYTHING you need to plan out AND track each day on the 21 Day Fix program.  This PDF includes all 7 days of the week, so you'll want to print 3 copies to cover the entire 21 days of the program. Leave questions below  (or email me)  if you have questions on how to fill it out! HERES HOW THIS DAILY MEAL PLAN TRACKER WORKS:
  • At the top of each daily calendar is the day of the week followed by "Day __/21" so you can fill in what day you're on, on the program. Next, I have already listed the workout of the day for each day. The workout of the day listed for each day of the week matches what is listed on your 21 Day Fix plan, so you never have to double check what workout you have to each day.
  • Starting with the first column- thats merely a list of the meals/snacks scheduled for the day. Like I mentioned in my 21 Day Fix Program Tutorial, spacing your meals out across the day is crucial. Make sure to eat every 2-3 hours.
  • Move one column to the right. Thats your "Meal" column. This is where you will write in what meal/snack you have planned.
  • Now move to the "Container Combo" - this column represents the meal breakdown. There are multiple spaces available, so on each line write each color you use. (ie: 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 green). As mentioned in my 21 Day Fix Program Tutorial, start by filling in the meals you'd like to have first. Figure out the containers it requires and fill in the remainder containers as your snacks.
  • Now that you've listed your container combo, move one column to the right. This is your ingredients column. List out the ingredients you selected from the container list that correspond with your container combo. Make sure that you write in the ingredient on the same line that corresponds with whatever you placed on that same line in the container combo column. Why? Move to step 6.
  • Move one more column to the right. This is you "measurement in cups" column. Write in the measurement in cups that corresponds with your container combo & ingredients columns. I've included this in your daily meal plan to help you all know just how much to cook - especially if you are doubling up on the same colored containers in the same meal.
  • Now, the last three columns are for you to track your food. At the end of every meal, check yes or no under the Eat Everything column. Again, make sure all the lines match up. If you checked no, write in what you didn't finish under the left overs column. As you progress through the day make sure you eat those leftover items so that, by the end of the day, any leftovers you have will have a check mark under Yes in the "Eat leftovers" column.
  • At the bottom left hand corner of every meal plan tracker, I have a daily breakdown reminder. This is where you will put your calorie level, daily container requirement for your calorie level, AND you required water intake. 
  • At the bottom right hand corner I have allotted spaces for any notes you may have from the day AND for you to write in your areas of strength and areas of improvement. Try including things about your mood, energy levels, and an overall summary of how the day went. Filling out these sections will be a great way for me to see just how to coach you and help you when you come to me with questions. Plus, its a great source of accountability  and tracking for you.
Voila! You now have a tool that helps you plan out your day(s) and week(s) and quick reference guides and explanations for everything 21 Day Fix. Take some time to sit down with the materials, really read through them and try to understand how the program fits into your life. I've found that most people just skim over their Eating Plan or miss important things detailed in the Eating Plan, so I have suggested to my clients to Sit with the Eating Plan and my 21 Day Fix Program Tutorial, side-by-side. My program tutorial will walk you through the entire Eating Plan and will really break it down for you, more than the Eating Plan already does. Once you get to Steps 3 & 4 grab that Meal Plan and Container Tracker and fill it out as you are being walked through it by my 21 Day Fix Program Tutorial. Its as simple as that! 

Well, folks, I think that pretty much sums it up If you have any questions about the program, my tutorial or meal plan/container tracker, or would like me to be your Beachbody coach, please don't hesitate to contact me: tippingthescale2013@gmail.com.

....Until next time....
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Biggest Loser? Or The Bigger Problem?

As I awoke this morning, I found this image plastered all over my Facebook news feed. At first, I was stunned with the appearance of this contestant.

And not in a good way.

A flood of thoughts and emotions came over me as I tried to pinpoint just why I was so disturbed by this image.

Perhaps it was the fact that she seemingly looks very frail and alarmingly thin to me.  Perhaps it was the fact that she lost an incredible 155 pounds and 59.62% of her body weight while on the show.... a show that is filmed over 14 weeks. Perhaps it was the fact that it is common knowledge that the show is done in an unrealistic setting - having contestants workout for large sums of time throughout the day on significantly restrictive diets and on "lock down" - free from the temptations and "real life" stressors that will commence when they leave The Biggest Loser house. But I'm not a doctor or health & fitness professional, nor have I been a contestant on the show so who am I to judge?

What I think that actually stunned me (and what I think I can speak to) is that images and tv shows like this promote such unhealthy weight loss habits to its impressionable viewers. Society, in general, has come to promote such unhealthy weight loss habits that seemingly border disorderly thinking - making it a constant upward battle as a woman to obtain society's ideal of whats beautiful, sexy, or attractive. This is a problem.

As a woman who has been on a very public weight loss transformation of her own on social media, I can't begin to express the amount of times per day that I see teens and women who engage in unhealthy weight loss in order to achieve a weight loss transformation like the one of the newest Biggest Loser winner.

Images of "thinspo," "thigh gaps," and other unhealthy forms of "thinsporation" plague social media platforms. From restricting their calories to the point of near starvation, to loading up on diet pills, binging and purging, spending hours in the gym on the elliptical or treadmill, believing that hours in the gym will be the sole cure of their obesity - Ive seen my followers do it all. Its sad to see these things.  Its hard to see these things. And they are all a result of society's deep misconception about healthy weight loss that stem from a tendency to promote ideals of beauty, sex appeal, attractiveness and a sense of worth that too often borderline disorderly thinking about food and body image.

The influence and power of the media is mind boggling. To know that it has such a profound effect on the general population is both uplifting and terrifying all in one. However, knowing that the Biggest Loser has contestants undergo 14 weeks of intense training (MANY hours a day) and calorie restrictive diets under "lock down" in a home falls into the latter category. The conditions in which the contestants try to lose weight aren't synonymous or in any way a resemble real life.

It is concerning to me as someone who knows just how hard it is to balance a busy life and weight loss. It is concerning to me, as someone who has many followers on social media - someone who sees firsthand- just how impressionable those who turn to social media are. My followers turn to social media on their weight loss journeys to help motivate, inspire, inform, and guide them. I know I did. So, knowing this, it is concerning to see shows like the Biggest Loser or other media promoting such extreme short term weight loss transformations like the one we saw last night with the winner of the Biggest Loser.

Lets face it: I can't be on "lock down" for 14 weeks - nor would I want to be. I don't have hours a day to workout - I still have law school, bar exam applications, my part-time coaching of clients and other coaches, a relationship, a family....I have a life to focus on that doesn't allow for weight loss sabbaticals. Most people, like myself, can't take a break from life -for 14 weeks- to spend all our time, energy, and focus on weight loss. If we did, everyone would be doing it because lets be honest: no one wants to be unhealthy and overweight.

Plain and simple: the reality the Biggest Loser creates for its contestants to lose weight is not the same reality as the rest of us out here. Why is this a problem? Because the impressionable viewers see these transformations and see what contestants are doing, they then think that its appropriate to mimic the endless hours of workouts and nearly impossible to maintain restrictive diets. What they forget is the conditions that the contestants are placed in. What they forget is that the contestants have personal trainers and others monitoring these contestants. What they forget is that to be long term, your weight loss habits must be sustainable.

What they forget is that weight loss is personal.

Just as the weight loss is personal to the Biggest Loser winner, so too, is my weight loss and your weight loss, and your neighbor's weight loss. Sure - the winner of the Biggest Loser lost 155 pounds and nearly 60% of her body weight and she did so through the show. That worked for her. Whether it is healthy or unhealthy is ultimately up to her and her medical professionals to decide. We can all have our reservations, but our judgments about her and her body should be kept to ourselves. However, I think the point here is to remember that transformations like hers aren't typical and aren't  necessarily healthy for all others. You have to find what works for you. Whatever you do to lose weight, be healthy about it. Learn to love yourself at any size. Be smart about it. Do your research. Make sure you are implementing healthy and realistic exercise and eating habits into your daily routine. Be realistic. Set goals and set realistic ones.

And lastly, take it one day at a time.

A 155 pound weight loss isn't going to happen overnight and for most people, it wont happen in 14 weeks like it did for the Biggest Loser winner. For some, it might take years. Just be patient, persistent, and consistent. Weight loss is a journey, not a destination.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Run for Meg: #megsmiles

Happy Friday, everyone! I wanted to take a minute to spread a little word to you all about something that hits close to home for me - something I'd love for you all to join in participating with me.

A follower of mine approached me yesterday and asked me to help spread the word about Meg Cross Menzies, marathon runner, wife, and mother of 3, who was struck and killed by a car last Monday while out for a run- training for the upcoming Boston Marathon. The driver was under the influence of alcohol and blew a BAC of .11.

So, why does this story hit close to home to me? Why am I sharing this with you?

Besides the fact that over the last year I have become an avid 5K participant and someone who enjoys taking a brisk walk or jog around my neighborhood, this story resonates deeper with me...

As many of you may or may not know, at 19 years old, I received a DUI. In fact, I blew a 0.16 - even higher than the driver who struck and killed Meg Menzies. My DUI didn't end in some accident or some tragedy - thank, God. Myself and others on the road that night I got behind the wheel drunk were spared. I am forever grateful for that and am deeply remorseful for my actions that night I decided to put others at risk on the road.

Believe it or not, I am forever grateful for the positive impact that the DUI had on my life because it not only required me to suffer my very deserved consequences, but it also required me to mature, to grow, to become closer to my family, to become more responsible, to open my eyes, and to recognize the severity of the DUI epidemic that is plaguing our society today. Receiving my DUI has allowed me to serve as an example for those who have made the mistake of getting behind the wheel impaired and has now opened up a platform for me to be able to share my story and to do what I can to help others from making the same mistake I did - from making the mistake that the driver who killed Meg did.

Did you know that everyday, another 28 people die in America because of drunk driving? That, in 2012, 10,322 people died in drunk driving crashes - one every 51 minutes?


To honor Meg Cross Menzies life and to help raise awareness about drunk driving, driving and texting, and runner and cyclist safety, a Virtual Memorial Run has been organized in her honor. As of now, more than 71, 000 people have committed to running or walking tomorrow in Meg's honor.

The Facebook event asks that on Saturday, January 18, "no matter what your distance, no matter where you live, run for Meg. Take in the fresh air, be aware of your surroundings, keep your headphones on low, feel the heaviness in your lungs, the soreness in your legs, and be grateful for it--for all of it. The sweat, the pain, the wind, the cold…everything. Be grateful for that moment."

So, please join me in running for Meg tomorrow. Thank you.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

P90x3: Everything YOU need to know!


Beachbody's newest fitness program: 

Below is some information for you to review so you can learn more about what P90x3 has to offer and 5 easy steps to determining if P90x3 is for you and how to order. I know selecting a fitness/weight loss program that best works for you can be sometimes overwhelming, so hopefully we can break this process down for you and make the information manageable for you to make the best decision for your fitness/weight loss needs. So, lets get started and walk you through these next few steps to get you on your way to a slimmer, fitter, healthier you in just 90 days:


To begin, take a look at the P90x3 informational/promotional video: http://beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/tippingthescale?bctid=2753168682001

Once you have watched that video, please, take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about P90x3 and more product info to get you better acquainted with what the product is, does, and can do for you. I'd start by reading through the product information handout and follow it with the frequently asked questions :)


So, once you have looked through those documents, you may be interested in comparing p90x3 to the other Beachbody Programs to ensure that P90x3 is the right program for you. Choosing a program is key and purchasing a program is an investment in your health, so you want to make sure that when you select a program, it is the best fit for you, your needs, and your goals. Beachbody offers many different workout programs. So, take a look at this link and see a quick breakdown of the products as they compare to p90x3: http://www.beachbody.com/category/fitness_programs/compare_fitness_programs.do


Consider which P90x3 purchase option is best for you. Do you want Shakeology with your order? Then purchase the Challenge Pack. Do you want extra equipment and/or supplements and don't really have a need/interest in shakeology? The purchase one of the three kits available for P90x3.

The best value is the P90x3 Challenge Pack for $180 with free shipping. A challenge pack comes with the basic P90x3 workout program and a one month's supply of shakeology. This is the perfect option if you are looking for a complete weight loss program that incorporates nutrition into the program. For information on shakeology, please visit: http://www.tippingthescale2013.blogspot.com/2013/11/shakeology-everything-you-need-to-know.html Please note: The challenge pack promotion is only available through beachbody coaches, like myself, and have to be placed by me. So, if you want the Challenge Pack, youll need to email me with your full name, email address, and flavor of shakeology you want and I will place your order for you with Beachbody. They will then send you an email to complete your purchase. Again, this is the best value and best option if you are looking for a complete program. I always recommend clients start with a challenge pack because you generally see the best results AND qualify to participate in one of my upcoming private challenge groups - which is the best way to stay on track and accountable :) This promo offer of $180 only lasts until Dec 31, so get it while you can and save $90+ !

If you are just looking for the workout program, here's the breakdown of what comes in each kit. There are three kits:



16 extreme 30-minute workouts on 8 DVDs

• These explosive, high-intensity workouts are designed to get you ripped in 30 minutes a day.


Fitness Guide

• Your step-by-step guide to getting the most out of Tony’s accelerated extreme fitness program. He breaks down every move so you know exactly what to do each day to achieve amazing results.

Nutrition Guide

• A simplified approach to healthy eating designed to get you ripped—and help you stay that way.

P90X3 Workout Calendars

• Tony gives you each day’s workout, so all you have to do is get in—and crush it.

“How to Accelerate” DVD

• This easy-to-follow P90X3 intro shows you how to achieve your best results in the fastest time.


Includes everything in the base kit, plus Complex Upper Workout, Complex Lower Workout, X3 Ab Ripper Workout, Elite Calendar, E&E Energy and Endurance Preworkout Formula (1-Month Supply), 3 Pro-Grade Resistance Bands*


Includes everything in the base kit, plus Complex Upper Workout, Complex Lower Workout, X3 Ab Ripper Workout, Elite Calendar, E&E Energy and Endurance Preworkout Formula (1-Month Supply), 3 Pro-Grade Resistance Bands,* Premium Beachbody Jump Mat,* P90X Results and Recovery Formula (1-Month Supply), Gym-Quality P90X Chin-Up Bar, P90X Chin-Up Max*


Is P90x3 for you? Are you ready to order?

To order the Challenge Pack option ($180 for the base kit, one month's supply of shakeology, free bonus workout, and free shipping) email me with: your full name, email address, and flavor of shakeology you want.

To order one of the three P90x3 kits visit: https://extranet.securefreedom.com/MillionDollarBody/csShopping/ShoppingCart.asp?Cat=Fitness%20Program|P90X3


Have you placed your order and received confirmation of your purchase? Wonderful! Let me know and I will place you on the list for the upcoming free private fitness challenge group starting right after the holidays. The challenge group will place you around like minded individuals, going through the same challenges and programs as you and is a way for you to connect with others, get and stay motivated, and be held accountable. There are daily and weekly check ins and challenges to complete along with prizes to win. So, if you are looking for an accountability group, let me know and I'll make sure to put you on my list :)

So, those are my five easy steps to walk you through the process of selecting the best p90x3 option for you. Still have questions after reading through the info? Shoot me an email - I'd be happy to help! I know there is lots of information to sift through, so I'd be happy to clarify any questions or concerns you may have. I know that for me, personally, P90x3 is a fantastic program that offers amazing results in only 30 minutes per day. I have used the T25 program which is the 25 minute program by the Insanity creator, Shaun T. I loved that program and think that P90x3 is a phenomenal option just like that. I know in the past, I have tried the regular P90x and loved the workouts themselves, but felt the videos were too long for my busy schedule. Now that P90x3 offers the same results in a 30 minute version of P90x, I am so excited to try that out and add some variety to my workout programs. Plus, I can't wait to join everyone for my private fitness challenge using P90x3!

Again, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me: tippingthescale2013@gmail.com . I'm always here to answer your questions and help you select the best program for you and your needs. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you as your Beachbody coach.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shakeology: Everything You Need to Know!


What is it? How does it help you lose weight? How is it different than other meal replacement/protein shakes? Is it gluten free? Is it lactose free? Is it safe during breastfeeding? Are there vegan options? Is it worth the money? Do you really see a difference when you use shakeology?....etc., etc.....

These are the types of questions I am very frequently asked by interested clients who are considering taking the next step (or even the first step) in their fitness and weight loss journey. It always makes me so excited when I receive a new email from someone who is interested in trying shakeology. Oftentimes, though, there is so much information and its oftentimes hard to sift through the information you may find online or hear from friends. 

Because of this, I have decided to help give you all a one-stop source for Shakeology. I want to best help you all in your fitness journeys, so what better way than to provide you with all the necessary tools I have available so that you can take a look yourself and make an informed decision about Shakeology and whether it is for you?!

So, below you will find several links to various documents detailing all the great info we beachbody coaches have available to provide you. You'll want to click on the link that says "click to download" to view the full document. When you click on the photos, they are just photos of the first page of the document. So, its not the complete set of information you need. Feel free to download and print this information for your review. Enjoy!







Decide that Shakeology is for you? Interested in ordering or need more information? Click on the links below:





My own Shakeology Results:

Jean sizes, scale weight, and measurements - who cares?

A wonderful lady in one of my challenge groups shared an article with us all today (See article link below). Just as it resonated with her, it too resonated with me.

Oftentimes we get so caught up in fixating on a " number" - a "weight" - a "size." Even those of us, even myself, who help coach others in their fitness goals do it too. I know I have struggled with the fact that my weight seems high (180 pounds), my jean size too large (10-14). Even though its evident that I have lost a lot of weight and my clothes fit better, I look healthier...I find it frustrating and difficult at times to accept the fact that my 5'1" hourglass frame has curves and muscles - things that create an increase in those measurements that I so easily fixate on. I guess I find it hard to accept my measurements sometimes because whenever I get asked my weight, or my clothing sizes, I find myself needing to offer up an explanation on why my weight is seemingly too high...my clothes too big of a size for what I look like.

How silly is that? I shouldn't feel the need to apologize for how much I weigh, explain why my weight doesn't seem to coincide with the image my photos reflect. I'm an hourglass figured, 5 foot woman who puts on muscle easily and who has a large chest, curvy hips, and a big behind to match. I'm not some petite, small boned, slender 5 foot girl - an image or conception that society would expect someone of my size to have. I may have a flat tummy and small waist, but I can assure you that none of those things denote a smaller jean size. I'm still in the double digits for jean size. I'm nowhere near an "acceptable" size, according to societal standards and arbitrary measurement guidelines. But I'm learning thats okay.
Its easy to fixate on these sorts of arbitrary measurements and guides because of societal expectations, norms, life experiences, and the trickery of photoshop. While its easy to fixate on those certain numbers, we in turn find ourselves using that fixation to determine our worth, our abilities, our goals, and our successes. That arbitrary measurement or number we fixate on oftentimes creates negative self talk. We need to change that.

The author of this article talks about her experience as a yoga teacher. But, shes not just any yoga teacher....shes a yoga teacher who is the largest person in her yoga classes. Plagued with her fixation on being a size 10, this amazing yoga teacher began to fixate on the fact that she went up a size in jeans....and in turn, it played an impact on her confidence, her determination of self worth, her yoga practice, and more.

It wasn't until she took a moment to reflect on her experience with judging and valuing her self worth based on a jean size that she recognized how unkind that was to herself. In turn, it caused this yoga teacher to reevaluate herself and make changes in positive thinking, self talk, and self acceptance and love.

When we decide to forget about the number on the scale, or the number on our jean size, we can learn to focus on whats important....we can learn to appreciate and accept ourselves as we are - imperfect people on a journey together. Moral of the story: love and honor yourself - regardless of your weight and jean size. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Adult Beverages: How to Choose the "Healthiest" Drink Option

So, as I was browsing pinterest this morning, I came upon a great post about how to choose the healthiest adult beverage options. If you're like me, you enjoy an adult beverage every now and then. Come social events, date nights, and special occasions, I find it hard to resist the temptation to indulge in a yummy beverage. And, lets face it: who really wants to restrict themselves in situations like those. We're human....we want to enjoy things....and thats okay.

I'm often asked if I have given up alcohol while losing weight. The truth of the matter is no, I haven't given up alcohol during my weight loss. Granted, I am aware that alcohol has slowed down my weight loss, but I've always been a proponent of balance, moderation, and making sure that you allow yourself to indulge while still keeping in mind some healthy habits. In the past, when I have completely restricted myself, I found myself feeling miserable and even more tempted to stray from my diet/weight loss plan.

While it is known that alcohol can slow down weight loss, its important to keep in mind that if you are going to indulge in an adult beverage, you should keep in mind what you are actually drinking. Know what is actually in your beverage and factor those calories into your meal plan/weight loss plan. For example, I know that if I am going out, I take into consideration the type of liquor I am drinking, what all I've had to eat during the day, how much exercise I've gotten, etc......that way, I don't completely blow my progress I've made. That way, I don't excessively have those empty calories that liquor packs. For me, I like keeping things like that in the back of my mind when I do decide to have a beverage.

So, to better help you know whats in your drinks and which options to best choose, save this image and carry it with you. Become familiar with your available options and keep them in mind the next time you decide to indulge!

[Photo courtesy of http://greatist.com/sites/default/files/styles/article_main/public/Healthier%20Drinks_KS_604_1.jpg ]